Supermodels are our First Goal….

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Kiko Chan-Vietnam  –  Model – Actress – Beauty Queen – Supermodel 



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Tatjana Genrich – Russia/Germany  –  Beauty Queen – Actress – Supermodel


Helena Demid – Helena Dorn   Germany – Beauty Queen – Actress – Supermodel


Kavindya Mathota Arachchi    –   Model-Actress-Beauty Queen from Sri-Lanka

Music by :
Kavindya Mathota Arachchi 
Kavindya Mathota Arachchi

Karolina Toulovà – Czech Republik – Supermodel – Perfume Model – Actress



Next Generation Models

Newcomer 2018 –  Kids

We are working  with the Teen Models to support about their Dreams
So only for Shootings and as Opener by Fashion Gala
but! children Time must be children time to play all times.


Karina      Natalja     Queenie Gretz

Next Generation Models  – Teen Models


Nielsen Jane Possum Ventura            Perry Paula Del Prado – Philippines


Queenie Gretz -Philippines  – Almera Aj. – Philippines


Durva Salokhe – India


Larissa Beil – Germany


Feerewaty – Feeya Solty – Indonesia

All Models

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