Miss Glamourfaces World 2018

Miss Glamourfaces World

is one of the most populary Beauty Contest around the World.
On Focus we ll have the , Beauty Face `and so also will get Models with smaller
Height a Chance to win this Title.
Just we have 2018 – the Worldfinale in Berlin-Germany on 11.03.2018
Winner Miss Glamourfaces World 2018
Winner Miss Glamourfaces World 2018 Aida Husaj – Tatjana Genrich – Andrea Maroshi
Winner – Tatjana Genrich – Russia
Fashion Show - Harrietta Alpha
Fashion Show – Harrietta Alpha by Miss Glamourfaces World 2018 – Worldfinale


about the Worldfinale of Miss Glamourfaces World 2019 we ll just inform you here too.
Location will be Philippines and the Time around October 2019

first national Final will during in Next Time so in :

Germany  –    Winner : Yana Labanava
Tunisia     –    Winner :
Philippines – Winner :
India            – Winner :
Sri Lanka   – Winner :
Bangladesh – Winner :